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Plants of the Park

As you make your way through the park, you'll notice the lush vegetation that surrounds you. We've taken the time to briefly acquaint you with some of the plants you will be seeing.

Plant Categories

Some plants are indigenous, meaning they were brought to the islands naturally by means of what we call the three W's - winds, waves, or the wings of an animal. Other plants are introduced, and they were brought here by canoe with the Polynesians who first inhabited these islands. Lastly, alien species are those brought here by human means after 1778, the first contact with the Western world.

Indigenous Plants

  • Naupaka Kahakai
  • Lauaʻe

Indigenous & Polynesian Introduced Plants

These plants both existed in the Hawaiian islands before Polynesians arrived and were also brought along with the Polynesians.

Hala (screwpine)
Hau (beach hibiscus)
Milo (portia tree)

Hau is also associated with the story of the akua moʻo, the caretaker of the Keʻalohi and Heʻeia pond.

Polynesian Introduced Plants

  • ʻOhe (bamboo)
Kalo (taro)
Ulu (breadfruit)
Niu (coconut)
Kukui (candlenut)
Ki (ti leaf)
Maiʻa (banana)

Alien Plants


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