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Things To Do At The Park

He'eia State Park is open to the general public and offers an array of things to do!

Bring your family and friends to explore the park, learn about its history, and enjoy a beautiful Hawaiʻi day on the windward side of the island.

Makahiki Games

Availability: During business hours

Cost: Free

'Ulu maika: This ancient Hawaiian game is a close resemblance to bowling. 'Ulu maika's purpose was to test a player's accuracy and strength. The object of the game is to roll the disk-shaped stones between a pair of stakes. Two stakes will be placed 6 inches apart. Players must stand about 6 feet away from the stakes. Then the player will roll the disk on its rounded edge. If the disk rolls outside of the stakes or comes up short of the stakes then the player has lost that round, and no points will be awarded. When the disk rolls through the stakes that is point for the player. The game is played up to 10 points.

Moa pahe'e: Similar to 'ulu maika, moa pahe'e is a game to test your accuracy and strength. The same as 'ulu maika the players will set up 2 stakes 6 inches apart from each other as a goal. Each player will stand 6 feet from the stakes. Moa pahe'e uses a blunt dart like object called a moa. With the bigger side facing the stakes, each player will slide the moa to the stakes with the objective of getting the moa closest to the stakes without touching them, or going through them. If the moa touches or goes through the stakes, then that player has lost their turn, and no points will be given to that player. The game is finished after a player reaches 10 points.

Konane: A game of strategy. There are 2 players, one with white pieces the other black pieces. Setting up Konane is easy. You must alternate between white and black pieces in each space. White always goes on the right. To start the game a player must grab one white and one black piece. Then they must shake the pieces and put one in each hand hiding it from the other player. The other player will choose a hand and determine which color piece they will be. Black always goes first. The object of the game is to be the player to make the last move. You may only jump pieces in straight lines (vertically and horizontally). Once black starts, white will follow. Every jump you make, you take the opponent's piece. You may only move by jumping over your opponent's piece. Once all moves have been made and no pieces can jump, the player who made the final move is declared the winner.

Educational and Interpretive Programs

Availability and Cost: Call or e-mail for details

Interested in learning more about He'eia State Park's unique natural and cultural history? Planning your school's next field trip or community project? We offer a range of activities from walking tours to habitat restoration projects, school field trips for Early Education through High School, and good old fashioned beach and coastline cleanups. We customize these experiences for the needs, size, and age range of your group. Call or email us to book your experience today!

Enjoy He'eia State Park Your Own Way

Free Admission and Free Parking during regular park hours.

You may explore the different areas of the park including panoramic views of Kane'ohe Bay, our shoreline trail in the recently restored estuary, and take in the diverse flora located on the grounds. You will also find terrific views of Heʻeia Fishpond, Moku o lo'e (aka Coconut Island and Gilligan's Island), and Ahu o Laka also known as the one and only Kane'ohe Sandbar.

He'eia State Park offers the best public access available to Kane'ohe Bay. You can bring your own canoe, kayak, board, or fishing gear and get out on the water here! The parks unique peninsula is one of O'ahu's hidden gems where you can bring your ohana to picnic, paint, exercise, and enjoy one of Hawai'i's most special places.

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