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Things To Do

He'eia State Park is open to the general public and offers an array of things to do!

Bring your family and friends to explore the park, learn about its history, and enjoy a beautiful Hawaiʻi day on the windward side of the island.

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Availability: During normal business hours
Cost: Free

The park is open to the public for self-directed walking tours during normal business hours. During this time, visitors may explore the different areas of the park and take in the diverse flora located on the grounds. You will also find a terrific vantage point of the restored Heʻeia Fishpond, from the southeastern side of the park.

Please note: Heʻeia Fishpond is private property and not a part of Heʻeia State Park. In order to access the fishpond, prior permission must be obtained. To learn more please visit Pae Pae O Heʻeia's website.

Guided Walking Tour

Availability: Appointment Required
Cost: Free

Our guided walking tour will enrich all visitors of Heʻeia's historical and cultural significance. Tours last approximately 45 minutes, during which you will learn about the legends behind the name, about Heʻeia through the modern day, and cultural knowledge with regards to indigenous and endemic plants.

To schedule a walking tour, call 808-235-6509 or email

Makahiki Season

Availability: Typically October through January
Cost: Free

When available, our Makahiki games will enliven the spirit of ancient Hawaii.

The season starts when the constellation Pleiades is seen in the Eastern sky shortly after sunset. This occurs usually from about October through January. All warfare and work was prohibited so that Lono, the god of rain, agriculture, harvest and peace, was worshiped.

Waterfront Eco-Ventures Programs

Availability: Normal Business Hours or Call for Appointment

Cost: Call for Prices

Another special highlight about He‘eia State Park is its waterfront access to the beautiful Kāne‘ohe Bay. Throughout the major school intercessions, Kama‘āina Kids offers enriching waterfront programs to educate O‘ahu‘s youth in water safety and small craft skills, including kayaking and sailing. Our waterfront access is also great for our educational eco-venture program available to all residents and visitors who want to experience Kāne‘ohe Bay in an ecofriendly way! Educating everyone on and off the bay allows a better unification of “man, land and sea.” For more information about exploring Kāne‘ohe Bay please click here!

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